Black Lives Matter

I went for a ride with Shimmy to Watertown, Massachusetts to join with members of Freedom Fighter's Coalition in a counter protest against racism & white supremacy organized by Solidarity Against Hate - Boston, to protest against a Back the Blue rally that was organized by white supremacists and neo nazis who were retaliating against a Watertown Ma teacher for teaching her students anti-racism and the realities of police racism & violence in marginalized communities. While black lives matter participants remained respectful and peaceful, several of the neo nazi white supremacists were very nasty, confrontational and on the verge of violence, and even had several altercations with the very same police that they claimed to be supporting.

Documentary Film Maker Rod Webber holds sign that reads "They ❤️ Nazis" with arrow pointing to white supremacists

Black Lives Matter activist holds sign that reads "No Good Cops in a Racist System"

Protesters holding sign "Black Lives Matter"

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