Professional Photo Etiquette & Restrictions

I love working with my clients and models before, during and after the photo shoots. After ever session, I dedicate several hours post processing the photographs and I put in a lot of creativity and time to provide my clients with a quality collection of images. 

With that in mind, please remember that the photos that a I deliver to you are part of my life’s work, so there are a few important etiquette and restrictions to note when it comes to the professional photographs that you will receive from me. 

1)  Copyright. The photographs that I provide you with are copyright protected, which means that I have the option to use those photos to market my work and services anytime in the future. I am, however, also respectful of my clients/models so if there are any images that you would prefer to keep private, it’s best to let me know about it ahead of time so that I can honor your wishes. 


2)  File type. The original digital files or raw files are my negatives and I will not give them away. All photographs given to my client or model have been carefully edited for optimal results.


3)  Photo altering. While I appreciate your business and welcome the sharing of my photos on social media platforms, I ask that the images not be altered in any way as this is against my copyright policies.

What constitutes image altering?

  • Adding filters or editing photos in any way, period.
  • Removing or changing embedded metadata
  • Color manipulation or changing from color to black and white.
  • Cropping for Instagram square format.
  • Creating screenshots
  • Adding text (does not apply to print products such as cards, etc )

4) No commercial usage is allowed. Client photos are for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes or advertising, etc without written consent.

Why do I have these restrictions? My photos are a representation of my work. When a customer or model alters an image it directly impacts my name and brand in the industry. When I present you with the final images, they have already been through a thorough editing process and don’t require further alterations. When images are altered, the results are not always reflective of my original work and can then be mistaken for mine. I greatly appreciate your loyalty and cooperation in this matter.

I am always happy to give a quote if you want images to be edited in a specific way or if you want further alterations or derivatives made of your photos. 

Lita Xú Líng Kelley Photography

Beverly, Massachusetts. tel: (978) 473-7602