Free Shimmy. Drop the charges.

Today I attended, participated in and photographed a protest at Swampscott, Massachusetts police station demanding that the racially motivated and fabricated charges against prominent Massachusetts social and racial justice activist Ernst Jean Jaques be dropped.   Ernst is known as and goes by "Shimmy", and while participating in a counter protest against the racist, pro Trump "magachusetts" clan gathered in Swampscott on Dec 12, 2020, was dancing to music when an older white woman, a racist white nationalist & Trump supporter named Linda Greenburg, went up to him and threw a cup of water in his face, in the middle of winter, during a global pandemic.

Instead of charging her with assault, Swampscott police fabricated a false narrative and arrested Shimmy. The charges are false and are racially motivated. As a result of his arrest Shimmy has lost his job, his health insurance and has been to subject to online harassment and received death threats. Protesters demand that the charges against Shimmy be dropped.