The United States Government is Funding Apartheid, Oppression & Genocide!

Between Friday August 5th and Sunday August 7th, 46 Palestinians, including 16 children, were murdered in cold blood by Israel's occupation forces and over 350 Palestinians were wounded in air strikes throughout Gaza, Palestine. This inhumane and violent aggression comes as the zionist-imposed and U.S.-backed siege and blockade of Gaza enters its 16th year.

Every single bomb dropped on Gaza is enabled by the U.S. government and funded by our taxes to the tune of $4 billion a year, or $10 million a day in U.S. military aid to Israel. As elected officials across the country attempt to expand ties with Israel and whitewash the genocide of the Palestinian people, undermine the Palestinian right to resist and silence the movement for Palestine, we declare today that Boston stands with Gaza and with the struggle for Palestinian liberation and return.

Today we gathered in Boston's Copley Square at the library steps to condemn the latest Israeli aggression against the people of Palestine and to honor the glory of the martyrs of Gaza.

We gather to defend the right of Palestinians as colonized people to resist the Israeli occupation by any means necessary.

We have a responsibility as people living in the United States to resist the violence of the U.S. empire at home and abroad. As Internationalists, we believe that all people have the right to self-determination, and we stand in solidarity with all national liberation struggles across the globe resisting U.S. imperialism.

We uphold the right of all Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland in all of historic Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. This requires that we stand against the entirety of the zionist settler-colonial project and for the national liberation of all of Palestine so that those in exile can return to live in freedom and dignity.

GLORY TO THE MARTYRS OF GAZA, PALESTINE. Aug 5th -7th, 2022 / المجد لأحباب غزة ، فلسطين

Alaa Qaddoum, 5 years old, Shujaiya

Yousef Qaddoum, 24 years old, Shujaiya

Imad Shallah, 50 years old, Shujaiya

Tayseer Mahmoud al-Jabari, 50 years old, Gaza City

Salameh Muharib al-Abed, 41 years old, Gaza City

Ahmad Azzam, 25 years old, Zeitoun

Mohammed Ahmed al-Madhoun, 25, Jabalia

Duniyana Adnana al-Amour, 22 years old, Khan Younis

Fadel Mustafa Zo'rob, 30 years old, Khan Younis

Mohammad Hasan al-Bayok, 35 years old, Khan Younis

Tamim Ghassan Hijazi, 24 years old, Khan Younis

Osama al-Suri, 27 years old, Khan Younis

Hassan Yousef Mansour, 28 years old, Jabalia

Naama Tulba Abu Qaida, 62 years old, Beit Hanoun

Khaled Mansour, 46 years old, Rafah

Rafat Saleh Al-Zamili, 41, Rafah

Ziad Ahmed al-Mdalal, 35 years old, Rafah

Ismail Abdel Hamid Mohamed Salameh, 30 Rafah

Hana Ismail Ali Salameh, 51, Rafah

Muhammad Hassouna, 14 years old, Rafah

Alaa Saleh al-Tawhrawi, 30 years old, Rafah

Momen Mohammad al-Nairab, 5 years old, Jabalia

Ahmad Mohammad al-Nairab, 11 years old, Jabalia

Hazem Ali Salem, 9 years old, Jabalia

Khalil Iyad Abu-Hamadah, 19 years old, Jabalia

Ahmed Walid al-Farram, 16 years old Jabalia

Nafez Mohammed al-Khatib, 50, Jabalia

Mohammed Mohammed Zaqout, 19, Jabalia

Jamil Najm-Al Deen Nijem, 4, Jabalia

Jamil Ihab Najim, 13, Jabalia

Hamed Haider Najim, 16 years old, Jabalia

Mohammed Salah Nijem, 17 years old, Jabalia

Nazmi Fayez Abu Karsh, 16 years old, Jabalia

Fatma Abdulfattah Ubaid, 15 years old, Beit Hanoun

Yasser al-Nabahin, 45 years old, Bureij Camp

Ahmed al-Nabahin, 9 years old, Bureij Camp

Mohammed al-Nabahin, 13 years old, Bureij Camp

Dalia al-Nabahin, 13 years old, Bureij Camp

Mahmoud Daoud, 21 years old, Gaza City

Dia Zuhair Al-Borai, 30 years old, Jabalia

Ala Saleh Al-Tahrawi, 30 years old, Rafah

Ahmad Muhammad Afana, 3 years old, Jabalia

Khaled Ayman Yassin, 27 years old, Zeitoun

Nour al-Din al-Zweidi, 18 years old, Beit Hanoun

Misbah al-Khatib, 50 years old, Jabalia

Hanin Abu Qaida, 10 years old, Jabalia

-حازم محمد سالم 12 جباليا .

-احمد محمد النيرب 13 جباليا

-مؤمن محمد النيرب 4 جباليا

-خلیل اياد ابوحماده 19جباليا

-احمد وليد الفرام 18 جباليا

-وافق مصباح الخطيب 50 جباليا

-محمد محمد ابراهیم زقوت 19 جباليا

-زیاد احمد المدلل 36 رفح .

-محمد اياد حسونه 14 رفح

-اسماعيل عبد الحميد محمد سلامه 30 رفح

-هناء اسماعيل علي سلامه 51 رفح .

-رافت صالح ابراهيم الزاملي 45 رفح

-خالد سعيد منصور 47 رفح

-الاء صالح الطهراوي 30 رفح .

-احمد محمد عفانه 31 جباليا

-ضياء زهير البرعي 30 جباليا .

-جميل ايهاب نجم 15 جباليا .

-جميل نجم نجم 6 جباليا

-نظمي فايز ابو كرش 16 جباليا .

-حامد حیدر نجم 17 جباليا

-محمد صلاح نجم 17 جباليا

-محمد ياسر نمر النباهين 13 البريج .

-احمد یاسر نمر النباهين 9 البريج .

-عماد عبد الرحيم شلح 50 غزة

-یوسف سلمان قدوم 24 غزة .

-تيسير محمود الجعبري 50 غزة .

-سلامه محارب عابد 41 غزة .

-الاء عبدالله قدوم 5 غزة

-ديانا عدنان عطية العمور 22 غزة

-محمد احمد عبدالفتاح المدهون 26 ابراج الندى .

-حسن محمد منصور 26 جباليا

-نعامه محمد ابو قایده 62 بيت حانون

-نور الدين علي الزويدي 19 بيت حانون

-فضل مصطفى زعرب 30 خانيونس

-محمد حسن البيوك 35 خانيونس

-احمد مازن عزام 25 غزة .

-تميم غسان عبدالله حجازي 23 الزنة

-اسامة عبدالرحمن الصوري 27 بني سهيلا .

-داليا ياسر نمر النباهين 13 البريج .

 -یاسر نمر محمود النباهين البريج

-خالد ایمن یاسین 27 الزيتون .

-شادي عماد نمر كحيل 27 الزيتون .

- عبد الرحمن جمعة السلك 19 الشجاعية

Speech by Dr. Wesam Amer, Gaza University, Fulbright scholar and visiting researcher at Harvard University's Center for Middle East Studies

"As a Palestinian born in Gaza where my parents were forced to immigrate in 1948 during the catastrophe, the Nakba, I would thank you so much for organizing this meeting and give me an opportunity to share experiences that I have been passing through out many stations in my life.


The war, last week, was not the first Israeli aggression against Palestinians in their homes.

This Israeli latest aggression started with killing and arresting political leaders in the West Bank.

Then it moved to Gaza. Israel killed 46 people including 16 children and 3 women, Israel injured over 360 and demolished many houses, where innocent civilians live.


Yes, this most recent assault on Gaza seems to be over. But the military blockade that Israel imposed on us 15 years ago remains in place. Two million Palestinians live through this blockade every day – with electricity, fuel and other basic goods rationed by the Israeli government that occupies us.


In Gaza, since 2007, we have lived through four major wars before this last one, wars of collective punishment that have claimed thousands of lives and razed our neighborhoods again and again.


As besieged people, we deserve the world’s attention even when Israeli jets aren’t raining bombs on us. What we call on the international community is very clear:

-      Israeli aggressions must end.

-      Israeli blockade of Gaza must end.

-      Israeli colonial policy and settlement expansions must end.

-      International law must be applied.


Like clockwork, Twitter, Meta & other platforms are censoring the voices of Palestinians sharing the stories & images of their communities under attack in Gaza. Whether shadow bans or outright suspension, it’s harmful, unjust, and needs to stop


You being here that matter the most, your power, activism, engagement, support, actions give us, the Palestinians, the hope and the energy, the aspiration and inspiration that the Israeli siege of Gaza will end at the end and will help Palestine be free."

Boston Rally Honoring the Martyrs of Gaza, Palestine
Boston Rally Honoring the Martyrs of Gaza, Palestine
Boston Rally Honoring the Martyrs of Gaza, Palestine
Boston Rally Honoring the Martyrs of Gaza, Palestine
Boston Rally Honoring the Martyrs of Gaza, Palestine
Boston Rally Honoring the Martyrs of Gaza, Palestine
Boston Rally Honoring the Martyrs of Gaza, Palestine
Sharik, Jericho Movement,Boston Rally Honoring the Martyrs of Gaza, Palestine
Boston Rally Honoring the Martyrs of Gaza, Palestine
Boston Rally Honoring the Martyrs of Gaza, Palestine


Join an organization... Speak up about Palestine in your circles... keep informed with news & history... Boycott businesses in the BDS list... Donate to @gazamutualaid

The Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) is a transnational grassroots movement of young Palestinians & Arabs 18-35. Guided by principles of justice and liberation, our goal is to mobilize young Arabs to resist the ongoing colonization and occupation of our homelands. Learn more about the Boston Chapter & join at

Founded just three days after the September 11, 2011 attacks, Answer (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) initiated a massive U.S antiwar movement against the US invasion of Iraq. The Answer Coalition has held some of the largest demonstrations against war from Haiti & Cuba to Yemen & Palestine. Get involved at

Jewish Voice for Peace Boston is part of a global movement to challenge Israeli oppression of Palestinians and the US policies that support it. JVP Boston works with peace activists in Palestine, Israel & in broad coalition with Jewish, Arab American, faith based, peace & social justice groups. Get involved at

I am from Gaza. We from Gaza and all Palestinians around the world appreciate your support. Together we will end Israel's oppression and aggression! We must end the blockade!

Dr. Wesam Amer

I love my mother. Take care of homeland after me. I request for the sake of our honor, no one abandon the gun. I am here besieged, I am going to be martyred. Pray for me.

Ibrahim Nabulsi

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