Making Movies in Beverly, Massachusetts

Last summer while wandering doing street photography in Boston's Chinatown, I met a young filmmaker , Denan Deng, aka Patrick, an Emerson College student studying film production. We talked about motion picture cameras and film as I admired the 16mm Bolex camera in his hands. I once owned one as a college student at UMass studying film production in addition to photography, so it was wonderful to connect and have a conversation with him.

Today I met up with Patrick and 2 of his film production classmates, to be interviewed for their documentary film class project, on 16mm Kodak 500T film in an Arriflex 16SR motion picture 16mm film camera. I was asked how I got into photography, Buddhism, and activism, etc. Their film, when completed, will be 8 minutes.

After we finished filming in Beverly Common, I snapped a few photos of them

Below my photos is a short 16mm film that Patrick filmed that day last summer when we met. I'm in there near the beginning for about 8 seconds. It's cool to see myself in that old vintage film look. It was fun doing this with them, reminiscing of when I was also a student filmmaker, and I'm looking forward to seeing the final results of their hard work.

Emerson College student filmmaker looks through viewfinder of Arriflex 16SR 16mm motion picture film camera in Beverly
Emerson College student filmmakers
Emerson College students Mario Monj and Denan Deng, aka Patrick, filming in Beverly, Massachusetts

16mm Short Film by Denan Deng

Below is Patrick's short film he filmed on his Bolex 16mm camera that day we met last summer. I'm in it for a few seconds near the beginning, and I think it's cool to see myself in that old vintage movie film look. If embedded video does not work, link to it is