More Weed Less Greed

To say that yesterday was interesting would be an understatement. I decided to take the bus out of Beverly and headed to Boston Common for the 2022 Boston Freedom Rally organized by MassCann. This is the 33rd year Boston had a Cannabis rally. The last time I was at this annual event was sometime in the early 90s long before marijuana was legalized for recreational use in Massachusetts, and back then I remember it as "The Hempfest".

I wandered around aimlessly with one of my cameras capturing photos. Some people were not aware they were being photographed, while others were, and I enjoyed having conversations with so many different people. I found the event to be a beautiful mix of diversity and very multicultural, and that pleased me. Overall I felt that the majority of people I encountered were happy and it was interesting to randomly approach people and start talking to them, capturing a shot and handing them my business card.

I had fun just freely roaming around in the scent of weed everywhere, a cacophony of various music and loudspeakers that reminded me of a carnival fair atmosphere as vendors shouted their specials and wares. From the soldier's monument, all the way down the hill by the exit to the Boston Public Garden , a huge swath of vendor tents, and thousands of people smoking pot together. It was a gigantic party in the park full of stoners from all walks of life and I enjoyed many of the moments I experienced, maybe even made some connections with a few people.

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more weed less greed
KarmaKush666 and her partner enjoy a beautiful moment together at Boston Freedom Rally 2022
Boston Freedom Rally 2022 Hempfest
man enjoys smoking a large joint at Boston Freedom Rally 2022 Hempfest
Boston Freedom Rally 2022 Hempfest
Boston Freedom Rally 2022 Hempfest
Boston Freedom Rally 2022 Hempfest
Saxophone musician busking at Boston Freedom Rally 2022 Hempfest
Rod Webber at Boston Freedom Rally 2022 Hempfest
Boston Freedom Rally 2022 Hempfest

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