About Lita Xú Líng Kelley

About Photographer & Artist Lita Xú Líng Kelley

Beverly Massachusetts Model & Portrait Photographer Lita Xú Líng Kelley
Lita Kelley is a professional photographer and artist, based on the North Shore of Boston, specializing in portrait and fashion photography.

After studying art, photography, film and video production at UMASS Boston, Lita has been creating beautiful photographs for 25 years.

As a devout Buddhist, Lita practices daily in the Soto Zen lineage of Shunryu Suzuki, at Zen Center North Shore, Beverly, Massachusetts, where she is lay ordained and also serves in the Dharma role of Jisha (guiding teacher's / officiating priest's attendant ) for services, rituals and ceremonies. This practice helps with her art, as making anyone feel comfortable and relaxed in order to capture their true essence requires patience, compassion and a sense of humor.  

Being a Zen photographer, Lita is fully present with each moment and mindful of every little detail.  She has an intuitive ability to connect with her subjects which helps bring out their personality and emotions.

 Lita has three daughters, and a labrabull named Naiki-kyo. She is transgender, non binary, with pronouns she/her/hers and lives in Beverly, Massachusetts with her youngest daughter Julia.

As an artist, Lita's art work is primarily Buddhist in nature.  You can check out her art here.