My Free Shimmy Protest Photos Published

One of my photographs was used as the design basis for the front cover of the July 15th edition of Dig Boston, a Boston based newspaper, for their feature article Shimmy VS Swampscott which also included one of my Free Shimmy protest photographs.   This is the second time this month my work has been published.    Click or tap the photo to read the article.

Renshū by Jishō Gaishin. Now Accepting Pre-ordered Signed Copies

I'm now accepting pre-orders for my new photo book Renshū by Jishō Gaishin.

Price is $25 USD, shipped within the US only.  Price includes US shipping.
For international shipping, please contact me directly for instructions.

Publication will print on Saturday, May 29th.
All orders and requests for hand signed copies must be completed by noon, est on May 29.
Please allow up to 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Thank you.

24 pages.  8"x 8", hand signed, soft cover.

 To purchase, click the buy it now.  Payments processed via PayPal.

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6/15   Publication for this pre-order has been cancelled due to lack of orders.
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Free Palestine

 In response to the continued Israeli colonization, Apartheid & ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the genocide of the Palestinian people, I once again joined in solidarity with the Palestinian people in protests in Boston, Massachusetts on May 15, 18 & 22.

To view photographs captured, go to or click/tap the photograph below.

Free Palestine

Dinosaur Loving Sarah

On this beautiful sunny afternoon in Beverly, Massachusetts I got together with Sarah for a portrait photo session of her wearing her custom, hand made vegan dinosaurs jacket.  Even her lovely dog Bear Wolverine joined in for some photos.

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Portrait Photography, Beverly, Massachusetts
Portrait Photography, Beverly, Massachusetts.

Unfortunately this platform does not allow for full size image display, therefore I am slowly migrating to Adobe portfolio for hosting my photographs.

Counter Protest Against White Supremacy

 On Friday, March 11th, 2021 I went for a ride with Shimmy to Watertown, Massachusetts to join with members of Freedom Fighter's Coalition in a counter protest against racism organized by Solidarity Against Hate - Boston, to protest against a Back the Blue rally that was organized by white supremacists and neo nazis who were retaliating against a Watertown Ma teacher for teaching her students anti-racism and the realities of police racism & violence in marginalized communities. While black lives matter participants remained respectful and peaceful, several of the neo nazi white supremacists were very nasty, confrontational and on the verge of violence, and even had several altercations with the very same police that they claimed to be supporting.

Full album of photos at
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Free Shimmy. Week 11

Yesterday, Sunday, March 7th I once again protested in Swampscott, Massachusetts, to protest the fabricated and racially motivated charges against prominent Boston social and racial justice activist Ernst Jean-Jaques, aka "Shimmy", whom I have had the opportunity meet in person at the Justice for George Floyd protest in Boston.

 Protesters met on Humphrey St by the beach, and from there we marched in the street to the Swampscott police station, where we stood for a short while, and then we marched back to King's beach.

Shimmy is a wonderful person with a big heart doing beautiful things for the community, and he is out there every day serving the community.  We demand that Swampscott police drop these fabricated and racially motivate charges, and we will continue to protest every week until they do so.

To view the full size album of photos, go to

Justice for George Floyd. Boston

 With the trial against former Minneapolis police office Derek Chauvin beginning, Monday, March 8th, protests and rallies demanding Justice for George Floyd have been taking place all over the US this weekend.   On Saturday, March 6th I protested and marched in Boston with Freedom Fighter's Coalition and other sponsoring organizations, capturing photographs along the way.

You can view the photographs on my portfolio at

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Free Shimmy

 Yesterday, Feb 28th, 2021 I attended and participated in a protest at Swampscott, Massachusetts police station demanding that the racially motivated and fabricated charges against prominent Massachusetts social and racial justice activist Ernst Jean Jaques be dropped.    Ernst is known as Shimmy, and while participating in a counter protest against the pro Trump "magachusetts" clan gathered in Swampscott on Dec 12, 2020, was dancing to music when an older white woman, a racist Trump supporter named Linda Greenburg, went up to him and threw a cup of water in his face.

Instead of charging her with assault, Swampscott police fabricated a false narrative and arrested Shimmy.  The charges are false and are racially motivated.  As a result of his arrest Shimmy has lost his job and has received death threats.

You may view the entire album at
or just click/tap the image below.

Free Shimmy
For more information about this story, check out the article at

Buddhas & Bodhisattvas

I generally don't get out to shoot much during the winter due to the weather and I have been very anxious to be out photographing people, so I decided to photograph some of my Buddhist statues of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.   March 2020 I was looking forward to starting a new season of portrait photography, but thanks to Covid , among other things, my business has been decimated.  I'm hoping 2021 will be better.      Contact me for prints.




Queen Maya of Sakya, mother of Buddha

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